Bob Mitchell & SunTech

Bob Mitchell - Suntec

Why did Bob Mitchell start a greenhouse in Eastern Ontario, far from being the right place for such business?  “Lack of medication!” is his answer.  Suntech based its bet on producing quality, and against all odds, succeeded. After almost 20 years, Suntech is a well-known name.  Thousands have visited the 4 acre facility in Manotick and learned what it takes to produce good food. After trying Suntech, they won’t want any other brand.

SunTech Greenhouse LTD.

What makes Suntech -and Bob- special is the philosophy.  It doesn’t matter how much effort it takes, if it’s done right it will succeed.  Good food is not for profit seekers; it’s a matter of do it right.


Beauties and challenges of growing indoors

Growing plants in a greenhouse open a new world of possibilities, but also challenges. Plants require meticulous care, standards are higher. However, you can achieve tremendous quality if that’s your desire and commitment. Join us and see how.