Jen Hood & Erika Cuccaro


Jen Hood
Tourism thought leader, Jen has over 18 years of experience creating beautiful and elegant web solutions for clients in the tourism industry. Her passion ignites when with designing an experience that engages visitors; she consistently produces creative content that yields measurable results for Haven Mavens clients.

Erika Cuccaro
A chameleon with words, Erika takes on a client’s unique voice and produces creative content with a consistent tone, voice and message across all platforms. Her natural curiosity, sense of humour and attention to detail combine in the form of natural content that delights the audience.

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Practical ways you can grow your business (and boost revenue!) with agri-tourism

Looking to cultivate a new revenue stream? Agri-tourism is a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to diversify their income stream by offering hands-on experiences. The best part? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this talk, Jen and Erika will use case studies to illustrate how other Ontario businesses have integrated tourism into their farming operations to grow their revenue. They will also provide practical tips on how to create a memorable tourism experience for your visitors that will have them coming back year after year.