Jim Beveridge

Jim has over forty years of grocery retailing experience as a second generation store owner. Over the years he has worked with several franchise programs through national chains and has been operating as a true independent since 2007. In 2005, after successfully running his store in Osgoode, Jim began managing the operations of B&H Your Community Grocer, purchased by his father in 1963. Since 2005 Jim and his wife Judy have evolved the B&H Your Community Grocer from a discount grocer to being focused on fresh and local foods. The store has managed to differentiate itself from three major chains in Kemptville by creating scratch deli and bakery programs and value-added meat items such as store-made sausage. Jim has developed relationships with area farmers to promote local produce and meat, including fresh grass fed beef. Most recently the B&H has started selling local pork from Tibbens Farm in Brinston.


The B&H, a 55 year journey from local retailer to retailer of local

A history of the Canadian Grocery Industry and why “Local” disappeared from the shelves and suggestions on how to get it back.