Rick Whittaker

Rick Whittaker

During his 23 year career in technology investment and development, Mr. Whittaker has been consistently recognized as a motivational leader, guiding teams of up to 300 people through rapid change in complex technologies. Mr. Whittaker led initiatives in product development—from concept to $100M+ in annual revenue—and managed several advanced technology investment programs. He holds several patents on these technologies, which are in production today. Mr. Whittaker is the CEO of AirShare — an advanced technology company working on making the skies safe in the new drone economy. Prior to that, Mr. Whittaker was the Chief Technology Officer of Canada’s largest clean technology fund where he helped grow the organization from $100M to over $1B in funds under management, leveraged by an additional $1.9B in private sector capital. Mr. Whittaker has startup experience both as a founder and as a funder…working with several companies on both sides through to successful M&A exit.

Mr. Whittaker has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences—Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo with an option in Management Science. He has received the Governor General’s Award for Academic Excellence.



The New Drone Economy: The Next 5 Years

In this engaging presentation, Mr. Whittaker will separate reality from wishful thinking in the promising new world of pilotless vehicles (aka “drones”) with a view towards the opportunities and pitfalls in agriculture over the next five years.  Focus will be given to aerial robotics—a field which enables humankind to cost-effectively break the bounds of gravity in ways that traditional agri-tech cannot.