Louis Gaal

Louis has been a business consultant in Canada and the US for over 26 years, having worked with several countries including Brazil, China, India, Japan, and Mexico. His specialty is process analysis.  His family has been making wine since the early 400’s with ancestral lands originating in Normandy and Transylvania.

Winery – Successes and Challenges

Blue Gypsy Wines is the brainchild of Louis Gaal and Claire Faguy.  Louis spends the majority of his free time running Blue Gypsy Wines in Oxford Mills, while Claire concentrates on her baking passion at Simply Baked Catering in Winchester.  Sleep has become optional.

BGW was always intended to be a transition from Louis’ full-time job as a business consultant ultimately into semi-retirement.  At the moment though, it is really a second, full-time job.

The success of BGW has been overwhelming, aided in a large part by the listing of their Cranberry and Blueberry wines in the LCBO.  Volume sales have fueled growth and the sky is the limit.