Paul Cormier

Mr. Paul H.J. Cormier B.A., M.A., M.Ed., is principal shareholder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer the RANA Group of Companies and in particular, RANA Development, Inc. RANA specializes in change interventions – often long term – based on facilitated processes and techniques. Its core competency is stated as “Process Intervention.” As one of the very first learning and process facilitators in Canada, and with a broad experience in the public and private sector, Mr. Cormier has consulted with client organizations in the full continuum of management practices, from Health and Safety Management, Strategic and Operational, Communications Strategies and Knowledge Management. Mr. Cormier is especially noted for his success in integrating processes, notably in the field of implementing business transformation as part of a culture change inside client organizations. Mr. Cormier is a skilled facilitator, mentor and trainer, the designer of the Process Integration Model for organizational effectiveness, and the developer of 25 different intervention and training workshops, including RANA’s flagship Facilitation: Processes, Techniques and Logistics Workshop. He is fluently and idiomatically bilingual in both official languages and is the former Director of Management Research and Development at the old Food Production and Inspection Branch of Agriculture Canada.

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is rapidly gaining momentum in North America and around the world. While changing seasons have made year round local food supply impossible, vertical farming can address the demand for local produce year round in any climate. Special indoor farming technologies control lighting, temperature, humidity, nutrients and husbandry. Not restricted to such specialty crops as marijuana, Vertical Farming is the way of the future for leafy greens where high levels of hygiene are expected by consumers.