Roger Peters

Roger Peters is a retired Professional Engineer who has worked as a consultant, researcher, writer, financial analyst, policy advisor, and advocate on energy efficiency and renewable energy since the mid-1970s. Roger was a founding member of OREC and served as board president for the co-operative’s first three years. Previously in his career, Roger was Director of Renewable Energy and Efficiency at the Pembina Institute, Director of Technical Services at the Saskatchewan Energy Conservation Authority, a co-founder of Marbek Resource Consultants, and researcher at the National Research Council’s Solar Energy Program. Roger also has significant international experience in Asia, Latin America and Africa working for the World Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency, and has written widely on innovative financing, community ownership, as well as preparing co-op share offering statements and business plans. Roger is a member of OREC’s new business opportunities and advocacy teams, and also represents OREC at stakeholder discussions on the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution renewable energy strategy.

Rediscovering the Cooperative Business Model

As more individuals and groups seek ways to strengthen their local communities and economies, the co-operative movement has seen a resurgence as an alternative business model. Co-operative’s have a strong history in many sectors in Canada, and continue to present an opportunity for democratic business practices and widespread, collective benefit.